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Canadian Novelist

Anthony Hyde

Anthony Hyde was born in Ottawa, the son of the artist Laurence Hyde; his younger brother, Chris (1949 – 2014), was also a prolific novelist. His mother, Bettye Hyde, was a leader in the Canadian pre-school education movement and established the Early Childhood Education program at Algonquin College, Ottawa.

A child of the Sixties, Anthony Hyde was an activist in the Canadian New Left, especially The Student Union for Peace Action, that worked against the American War in Vietnam. Later, Hyde was a freelance editor, wrote for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and the NFB (National Film Board of Canada), and also worked under pseudonyms. His first novel under his own name, The Red Fox, was published in 1985 and was an international success; it was followed by the other novels noted on this site. Hyde still lives in Ottawa, but frequently travels. His companion and wife for fifty years, Kathy Hyde, died in 2013.